Ceri G. Davies LLB Solicitor

Partner in Wehrle and Sheehan a firm of solicitors with three practices in S.W. Wales, U.K.

    28 Station Road     40/41a Alfred Street       19 Dillwyn Street
       Port Talbot               Neath                   Swansea

Tel:  01639 883237           01639 630844             01792 410016
Fax:  01639 871313           01639 630776             01639 630776
     e.mail: wehrle&sheehan@arsenalfc.net    DX: 38359 Neath 

31/3/50 at Neath, S. Wales, Great Britain.

1961/68   Neath Boys' Grammar School.
                 6 O-Levels and 2 A-Levels.
1968/72   Leeds Metro. University.
                 LLB. Hons.
1977        Qualified as a Solicitor. 
1998        Qualified as a Family Mediator.


1973/5     Messrs. Watkin Jones & Co., Solicitors, Swansea.
1976/77    Mid Glamorgan County Council.
                 Consumer Protection Officer.
1977/81    Meyrick Owen & Co., Solicitors, Pembroke Dock.
                 Assistant Solicitor.
1981       Wehrle & Sheehan, Port Talbot.
1998       Qualified as a Family Mediator
1998       Appointed as Assessor to the Law Society's Family Law Panel



Since qualifying as a solicitor I have dealt with more family cases 
than any other. I have dealt with a wide range of family matters to
include defended divorces, wardship, care proceedings, difficult 
ancilliaries, apart from the usual divorce and Children Act problems 
that are common nowadays. The majority of my current files are family
orientated. I qualified as a Family Mediator in readiness for the 
change in the law next year.      

Member of the Law Society.
Associate Member of the U.K. College of Mediators.
Member of the Law Society's Family Law Panel

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We like to think that we are competitive so as fees are concerned. We
try to, so far as we can, give an estimate of the likely global cost 
of any given matter. Obviously if we encounter unforseen or unusual 
problems then the client will be advised and fees re-negotiated, 
hopefully to the client's satisfaction! 

        As a Petitioner in undefended proceedings, fees are usually
350 excluding VAT and there are disbursements such as court fees
which add almost 200 to this. As a Respondent the fees are 250
excluding VAT and there are no disbursements. If the proceedings
become defended then, as a rule of thumb, multiply these figures by 
10 if the case proceeds to the 'bitter end'. 

                We usually quote a fixed fee as the work involved is
routine and straight-forward. However, bear in mind that disbursements
such as searches, VAT, and fees due to estate agents, Land Registry
and possibly Stamp-Duty add substantially to the cost of buying and
selling a property. The solicitor has no control nor discretion over
these and they have to paid. 

            Fees are calculated on a time-basis arising from the
amount of time spent on the case in any given day or week. As a lot
of the work can be routine and can be done quickly and therefore 
cheaply. Nearly every client believes that all lawyers have a system 
that has the 'clock ticking' from the time he accepts instructions 
right to the end of the case, very much like a taxi does. Not so. 
Files are worked on for around 30 minutes a week on average but this
figure goes up sharply at the beginning of a case when evidence has 
to gathered or if there is a hearing on the horizon. Insofar as Legal
Aid is concerned, we always assess our clients at the first 
appointment to see whether they qualify. Our hourly rate from the 
1st. January 1998 is 80 with up to a 50% markup. We review this 
figure at regular intervals. 

No-Win No-Fee Litigation: 
                         We are prepared to take cases on this basis
where the client only pays disbursements as they are incurred. There
is no hourly rate, no fixed fee only a payment out of compensation
successfully obtained for the client. The Law Society maximum is 25%
excluding VAT. Disbursements are usually recovered and repaid to the
client. We always operate on this basis in Criminal Injury 
Compensation claims but other cases are scrutinised very carefully 
before a decision is made. 

      Routinely our fees are 30 for one will. 50 for wills for 
husbands and wives together. For more complicated wills then we go 
back to our time basis. 

Probate and All Other Matters: 
                              Usually on a time basis unless the 
work is staightforward and then we can quote a flat fee. Obviously if
snags are encountered then we reserve the right to operate on a time

Method of Payment: 
                  Fees may be paid by cash or cheque. We accept Visa or 
Mastercard for fees but not for disbursements. 

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